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Course Description

This course is designed for data science professionals and students with an intermediate or advanced level of English who want to practice and improve their communication skills in the data science sector. Ideally, the interaction is between one language coach and one student (1-to-1), but we also offer independent and small-group study options.

The course covers a wide range of data science topics using video, newspapers, newsgroups, webpages, and manuals. Each of the lessons can be taken as a self-contained online course with corrected exercises, or with a real-time videoconference teacher who will guide you through every step of the way with personalized feedback. The course covers the four main language learning areas - reading, listening, writing and speaking - as well as key grammar when appropriate and an extensive list of vocabulary terms that a data science professional will encounter in their day to day. 

Successful completion of the course includes a Certificate of Level from the European Institute of Science in Management, recognized as a leading language certificatation body. If you have any questions about pricing or content, please contact us and  we would be happy to prepare a detailed proposal.